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BuyPortableTV SOLD! is one of my great domain names for e-commerce purposes in the Consumer Electronics industry. The reason I have decided to sell it now is because of the hot market trends out there and I thought to give an opportunity to a smart merchant or marketer.

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We all know what a “Portable TV” is and why many people are searching for it over the world on the Internet. I have provided a screenshot on Google AdWords Keyword Tool on the keyword just to show you the huge demand on this product. And guess what?! People who search for the product are mostly those who want to buy it. Many also search “Buy Portable TV” and then BINGO!

Check it out:

You may wonder why you should be interested in such a name? I’ll tell you.

Why is Considered as a Premium Domain Name? is a golden domain name available for a smart seller or reseller who wants to bring tons of profit. Imagine having a website shown up at the top of search results whenever someone searches for this product and wants to buy it. Even many customers can reach you once they type it in their Address Bar.

But, first let me tell you about the features of this great name:

  • It is a .com domain.
  • It has ONLY 13 Characters. (Under 20 Characters)
  • It is a three-word domain name.
  • It is very easy to spell, write, tell and remember.
  • It is unique and brandable.
  • It does not have any hyphens.
  • It does not have any numbers.
  • Both 3 words make sense and are combined very well.
  • There is not any misspelling in the combination. The word “Buy” increases the commercial value of the domain whereas “Portable TV” is a high demand product.

What are the Opportunities For This Domain Name?

The Consumer Electronics industry is very huge and TV is a large market in that field. Portable TV is a sub niche with high demand characteristics.

Actually, the Commercial Value is so high that most of the audience are real customers. So, could have visitors that are mostly ready to buy.

However, it does not end there. This domain name has a lot of other opportunities that could cover many aspects such as:

  1. Mostly, it could be used as an e-commerce website where you list your products for sale. You can be a small business owner selling this product offline and online or a drop shipper who takes orders and delivers the product.
  2. You could redirect the domain traffic to an affiliate offer about the product. Big companies like Amazon, BestBuy, Target, etc pay huge commissions based on the purchases. There’s a lot of money to be made.
  3. You can also publish a nice blog like an authority website where you give tips and tricks on buying a Portable TV. That way, not only you can get a lot of visitors, but also you would be able to monetize your blog with affiliate offers and advertisements.

I can keep writing more and more about the opportunities, but the word sells for itself. I have even appraised the domain with a reliable company and noticed it is worth more than $500. However, I’m going to sell it less to a smart domainer who acts fast! – Top Premium Domain Name

Make Your Purchase Right Now Before Your Competitors!

Notice that I have unlisted from due to low exposure and listed it for sale on eBay!

****************************** UPDATE: ****************************** SOLD On eBay In 10 May 2011!