How To Increase The Value Of Your Domain Name

Find Out How You Can Increase The Value Of Your Domain Name!

In Domain Flipping Business, like “House Flipping”, you need to increase the value of your item in order to sell it faster, easier and higher. Domains are not exceptions. You should add something valuable to them for convincing your prospects. Here are some steps you can take in order to increase the value of your own domain name:

1. Choose a Good Domain:

If you have taken into account the top characteristics of a good domain name before buying them, then you have already completed first step in increasing the value of your domain. Whether it is a keyword-rich or brandable name, it should be premium.

2. Put a Website On Your Domain:

Uploading web pages on your domain name can increase its value especially if the site has  good content and appealing theme relevant to the main topic of your name. If it’s not possible, try to at least upload one page on the domain so it does not look like other domains with bunch of ads. Customize it and let people know that the domain is for sale and have them contact you directly. It makes it more professional.

3. Increase Domain Traffic:

Everyone knows now this fact: the more traffic to a website, the better. So, if you try to get tons of visitors to your domain, then it will sell simply because many domainers look for already established domains with decent traffic. That way, not only you would improve your online exposure and get more prospects, but also you could increase its value especially if you could make some money from that traffic.

4. Increase Domain Popularity & Importance (PageRank):

If you have Google Toolbar, then you have probably seen PageRank, a technology which is based on some special algorithm to determine the importance and popularity of a web page. This numerical product has a scale from 0 to 10. So, the higher the PageRank of a domain, the more important and popular.

Although many marketers don’t really care about it, it’s recommended to increase your website PageRank. It has a positive effect on buyers and can help your domain sell faster. For increasing PageRank, you need Backlinks. So, the more other websites link to your domain, the higher PageRank you could get. Additionally, bear in mind that it can increase your traffic, as well.

5. Give the Domain Some Time In the Market:

Those who have been to Domain Flipping for a while know that not all domains could be sold in their first month. But, it is an advantage. The older domains sell better. So, you should give some time for your domains to be established in the market and get an exposure. There is not any specific rule for it, though. Just don’t get disappointed if you can’t sell your domain name in the first 6 months.

Trend Domains are different, though. The faster you sell, the better. Because after the trend falls, then you would have more difficulty for selling.

Put yourself in the shoes of your buyers! Would you buy your own domain name? If not, what would you do in order to increase its value? The above-mentioned steps are the most important ones. You can come up with some other ideas. Feel free and share your valuable comment here!

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To Your Online Business Success!

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