How To Make Money With Your Own Domain Names

Want To Make Money With Your Own Domain Names?

Whenever you surf on the Internet, you discover some new websites. In most cases, you bookmark the coolest one in order to come back later. Sometimes, you just remember the name and do not need to save it. That name is a great one.

You see, in the online world, nothing is more important than good names and brands. That’s how big business make enormous profits. So, a good domain name is more valuable than gold.

With that being said, many people invest on domain names and run their online business on this digital item. And guess what?! Many of them are really doing well. Because there are great opportunities for you to make money from your own domain names.

But How?

In fact, there are basically 3 ways to earn an online income with domains. These present methods have been available since the Internet was born and will be around as long as it exists. So, domain business never fails or ends.

1. Buying at Low Price and Selling For High Price:

The main method of making money is by buying low and selling high. The famous idea which works in any business model. You choose a good domain name, buy it at very cheap and then sell it at much much higher amount. That’s how most successful domain flippers make money. Although many generic domains are taken, still you could make up with some good ones and register them.

Besides, there is always a chance to negotiate with an owner and buy a good domain very cheap which you can sell it for nice profit. And finally, you can find some good names dropped by the owner due to not paying the annual fee. So, being alert is the key to this business.

2. Parking a Domain Name and Putting PPC Ads On It:

This method may not make you a rich domainer. However, imagine you have a large portfolio of domains parked on a marketplace and serve pay per click (PPC) ads. If you can generate traffic to them, you could make some good money when people click on those ads.

With that being said, you would have a nice cash flow in order to afford the annual costs of the domain name and also have the opportunity to be contacted by interested people giving you reasonable offers.

3. Redirecting Your Domain Name Traffic To an Affiliate Offer:

Although many marketers do not even know about this method, it can be a good strategy for most affiliate marketers. As you may know, in order to generate commissions by promoting other people stuff, you would be given a special link. That link may not look good and contains codes specifically created for you.

Now imagine you want to promote that link over the Internet or even offline. Hopefully, there is a better solution. So, you go ahead and register a good eye-catching domain name which is relevant to that affiliate offer and redirect or forward the domain name to that link. Now, your affiliate link looks more professional and more people will remember it.

You could also protect your affiliate commissions by not revealing the affiliate offer link. Anyway, this method is mostly suitable for affiliate marketers, not domainers.

Making money with a good domain name is an amazing business model that never ends. Just make sure you pick up a premium name and you never regret.

To Your Online Success!

Hooshmand Moslemi, The Owner & Author Of