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ListFoto is one of my favorite domain names that qualifies as a rare premium domain name. Finally, I have decided to sell it now and listed it at Although it does not seem to be a good idea to sell it through an auction, I thought I would give this opportunity to the loyal visitors of my website here and let them know about it.

Why is Considered as a Premium Domain Name?

You are probably wondering why in the world should I be interested in a domain name like

Well, here are some of the reasons you have to know:

  • It is a .com domain.
  • It has ONLY 8 Characters.
  • It is a two-word domain name.
  • It is very easy to spell, write, tell and remember.
  • It is unique and brandable.
  • It does not have any hyphens.
  • It does not have any numbers.
  • Both 2 words make sense and are combined very well.
  • There is not any misspellings involved. If you think that the word “Foto” is not correct, just refer to the origin of the word “Photo”!

What are the Opportunities For This Domain Name?

First off, I need to draw your attention to an incredible news from the domain name world. Very recently, the domain name was sold $1,250,000 at the marketplace. Could you believe that? You see, the domain name industry is a giant market and the niche “Foto” or “Photo” is a big share within that industry.

Well, it is actually you and your business that gives life and meaning to a special  domain name. Take the top 500 fortune companies for example. Many of the names do not really mean anything. That’s branding which brings the name into life.

With that being said, the opportunities for a domain name such as are endless. Here are some of them:

  1. It could be used as a blogging website where you list, post and publish images and image news.
  2. It could be built as a photo sharing and hosting service such as Flickr.
  3. It could be made as a photo stock company where people can list, buy and sell their own photos. Hence, the name ListFoto!
  4. It could be designed as an online photo editor where visitors can list and edit their images.
  5. It could be created as a Web 2.0 website that is around photography.

You see, the opportunities are unlimited.

So, if you are interested in the name, feel free and visit the item listing page at and place your bid. So far, I have received a few offers outside the eBay marketplace that are really high. Since, I have listed it on eBay, I want to test this channel and see if it is working or not. Trust me, the offer will not last forever. – Top Premium Domain Name – On eBay

Place Your Bid Now!

P.S. The Auction Ends On 15 September 2010. Act Now Before It’s Gone!

****************************** UPDATE: ****************************** SOLD at eBay On 15 September 2010!