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MovieCreating is a good domain name in the Entertainment industry which can cover many aspects online and offline.

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When I registered it I thought to build a website around the topic and sell it much much higher. Then, I made up my mind and decided to sell it through Sedo just because I have a lot of other projects and unfortunately don’t have enough time for this.

Well, I don’t really see the necessity to explain why it is a good domain name, what for you should buy it and bla bla bla. However, here are some real points about the name:

Why is Considered as a Premium Domain Name?

Discover the features of this great name:

  • It is a .com domain.
  • It has ONLY 13 Characters. (Under 15 Characters)
  • It is a two-word domain name.
  • It is very easy to spell, write, pronounce and remember.
  • It is unique and brandable.
  • It does not have any hyphens.
  • It does not have any numbers.
  • Both 2 words make sense and are combined very well.
  • There is not any misspelling in the combination. The word “Movie” is a hot word and “Creating” makes it more sticky and eye-catching.

What are the Opportunities For This Domain Name?

Although, you can consider the domain more specific, still there are tons of opportunities that could be gained through Here are some:

  1. You can make a nice blog about the Movie industry and how it works. It would be an informative website giving tons of high quality content on how to create movies. A lot of money to be made especially via advertising.
  2. You can also build a review website trying to give rates and reviews about the Movie Creating programs and software on the Internet and trust me, this market is very huge with extremely high demand. You can turn your visitors into real money by mostly promoting the products.
  3. Why not build an authority website offering companies and services that make videos. Your site can be a directory, portal or search engine useful for the users to find a right Movie Creating company. Honestly, there are tremendous amount of businesses willing to sponsor your website.

The opportunities are unlimited and the only limit is your imagination. I’ve shown the best ones, but it all depends on your innovation.

One Helpful Tip For Quick Revenue:

You can resell the domain to a lot of prospect companies 200% up to even 1000% more. Just search through Yellow Pages or Business Directories and find the right ones. Send them a short and appealing email and let them know about your domain name. This method is so powerful. – Top Premium Domain Name – On Sedo

Make Your Purchase Right Now Before Anyone Else!

Note: I have unlisted from just because of its poor exposure and listed it for sale on eBay!

****************************** UPDATE: ****************************** SOLD On eBay In 29 March 2011!