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SuperTravelling is a nice premium domain name that I have recently decided to sell it and listed it at

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Fortunately, you, as a loyal visitor to this website is among the first people who is informed on this offer.

Since, for many domainers, choosing a good domain name is a hard task, this website can serve them to get a top premium one for very reasonable prices. is one of those good names now available for you to grab. But, first why this one?

Why is Considered as a Premium Domain Name?

You may have wondered why to invest in a domain name like Then, you should keep reading and I’ll tell you why.

Well, here are my logic reasons:

  • It is a .com domain.
  • It has ONLY 15 Characters. (Under 17 Characters)
  • It is a two-word domain name.
  • It is very easy to spell, write, tell and remember.
  • It is unique and brandable.
  • It does not have any hyphens.
  • It does not have any numbers.
  • Both 2 words make sense and are combined very well.
  • There is not any misspelling in the combination. And if you think the spelling of “Travelling” is incorrect and the correct one is “Traveling”, I must prove you wrong. Because both of them are correct. Traveling is American and Travelling is British.

What are the Opportunities For This Domain Name?

The Recreation industry is huge and Travelling is one of them. This super niche market is very broad and lucrative. And fortunately this generic name is mentioned on the domain. The word “Super” just makes it more powerful, professional and appealing.

In fact, this name can cover anything within the “Travelling” industry. With that being said, I just list some of the opportunities that can be achieved by the domain name:

  1. Mostly, it could be used as a popular blog full of posts, pictures and videos about various destinations in the world. Believe it or not, this can turn your blogging business into an incredible profitable online career.
  2. You could build a travelling agency offering travelling packages locally, nationally or even internationally. Tons of merchants and companies will be willing to work with you.
  3. You might even think about providing a service where you review different products related to Travelling such as Bags, Maps, Cameras, you name it. Tons of affiliate offers are waiting for you.
  4. You can develop the website and resell to big companies at very high price.

You see, there is a huge potential behind this project. Remember, it always starts with a good domain name. Don’t waste your time finding a weird or stupid name which won’t work for you and your business. It’s already created for you. Just grab it! – Top Premium Domain Name

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Note: was removed from by the domain owner due to very low exposure and has been listed for sale on eBay!

****************************** UPDATE: ****************************** SOLD On eBay In 29 March 2011!