Top Domain Sales – 04 April 2011 – 10 April 2011

In the beginning of April, the domain sales report is astonishing. The top .com is for an amount of $125,000 sold on MediaOptions. The .net highest sale belongs to for $14,145 whereas the top .org is for $14,500 both on Sedo. The ccTLD s in this period are awesome. sold for more than $36,000 on Sedo. To learn more, watch the video right now!

Top Domain Sales – 04 April 2011 – 10 April 2011

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Source Of Information For TOP Domain Sales: DN Journal

3 thoughts on “Top Domain Sales – 04 April 2011 – 10 April 2011

  1. This material has obviously been taken directly from’s weekly domain sale report, with no credit given to the original source of the content you are reprinting. Taking other’s content without permission or attribution and passing it off as your own is unethical at the least and illegal in most countries around the world.

    1. Well, I do absolutely give credit to DNJournal specifically in each and every video I create at the Credit section. You would have noticed it if you watched the entire video. However, I would also mention the DNJournal as the source of information for domain sales in the sidebar of the blog. I do believe in ethical and legal blogging since it is not my first project. DNJournal for me is a respected resource and I have made every effort to make that clear. But, thanks for reminding me!



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